LA Critical Mass – Ride 7 – Through Downtown LA

This is one oversized post.

One of the best routes I’ve been on, biked through a lot of different areas in LA with a huge range of lighting conditions.

We rode from Western/Wilshire purple line station, went south then east through USC then north into downtown LA, through tunnels and Little Tokyo


Shot while riding with one hand holding my bike and the other my 5D3 + 50mm 1.8


IMG_3165W IMG_3180W IMG_3194BW IMG_3209BW IMG_3213W IMG_3219BW IMG_3236BW IMG_3254BW IMG_3256BW IMG_3261BW IMG_3265BW IMG_3270W IMG_3272BW IMG_3278BW IMG_3279BW IMG_3282BW IMG_3288W IMG_3290BW IMG_3295BW IMG_3297W IMG_3301BW IMG_3317W IMG_3336W IMG_3341BW IMG_3343BW IMG_3349BW IMG_3356BW IMG_3373W IMG_3391W IMG_3392W IMG_3400W IMG_3402BW IMG_3424BW IMG_3447BW IMG_3449BW IMG_3450BW IMG_3452BW IMG_3483BW IMG_3493BW IMG_3496BW IMG_3503BW IMG_3505BW IMG_3515BWIMG_3525BW IMG_3544BW IMG_3557BW IMG_3568BW IMG_3571BW IMG_3576BW IMG_3592BW IMG_3599BW IMG_3602BW IMG_3617BW IMG_3619BW IMG_3632BW IMG_3637BW IMG_3657BW IMG_3664BW IMG_3675BW IMG_3677BW IMG_3680BW IMG_3710BW IMG_3747W


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