Game Concept – Shipyard Update

Haven’t touched this project for a while, but I always wanted to keep working on it. Here’s an update of the shipyard scene I wanted to build.


There are multiple shipyards throughout the game, residing in planets that the player has conquered or in space. This is one of such shipyards concept in a conquered planet, where the player can buy upgrades and modify his/her ship. At this scene the player is supposed to be able to move the camera around freely to check out the ship.

Week -1 - Sketches-05C-02


Here are some screenshots of initial Sketchup modelling

SketchUp 2014-07-25 12-14-36-21 SketchUp 2014-07-25 12-21-21-83 SketchUp 2014-07-25 12-24-20-89 SketchUp 2014-07-25 12-24-44-92

And I just quickly threw the scene into Cryengine 3 to make sure everything works and see how the lighting worked out


Editor 2014-07-06 21-16-52-24 Editor 2014-07-06 21-17-01-64 Editor 2014-07-06 21-17-14-38

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