ATOM 2.0 Assembled + Print Tests

I just finished assembling my very own ATOM 2.0. I brought it to share and demo the assembly process with other makers.


Some of the other makers that were interested in the printer came by to help a bit.


Assembly went smoothly and printing right after assembly was extremely consistent.


This is the very first print from my ATOM 2, zero calibration. Just ran the .gcode straight from the card. The bottom section just a cm above the base with the different patterns was from printing at 200% speed. Still stable and layer adhesion stayed strong.


Further printing tests: The shorter one is the standard 70 degree overhang test devised by Andreas Bastian. The longer one is a 80 degree overhang remixed by ATOM.

The 70 degree one printed perfectly on 2nd try, and 80 degree was pretty good. I think I can do a better job once I tweak the settings a bit more.Both printed without support.


More prints to come in the future!

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